The Angel Notes and The Angel Who Grew Her Wings

When i am writing i need to get  inspiration from somewhere.My inspiration comes to me  from what i am thinking or feeling when i am with like minded positive inspiring people, from dreams i have dreamt, inspirations comes to me when i am sitting quietly, from reading other blogs  when i am out walking the dog and sometimes i find inspirations from something i have read. That is where my inspiration for my second book came to me.

While i  was searching the internet   i came across a article  about a girl in the states who was being  bullied and instead of letting them to get to her she placed post it notes with a positive note on all the lockers at her school which i think is a brilliant idea.

I  decided that i was going to use that as the  inspiration for the second which i have decided to call Angel Notes a positive note for every day of the year, i  have finished the outline and have ideas on what i am going to write that is  as far as i have got  so far as i have to concentrate on getting the first book done then i will carry on with the second book

First book The Angel Who Grew Her Wings is coming along nicely i add to it every day and do a bit of editing i find it therapeutic when i am writing

Sending You Sunshine  And Smiles


getting help from friends

While i have been  writing my first book The  Angel  Who Grew Her Wings book  i decided  i needed  to know what was i like before, i have a good idea what i was i like  but i wanted to hear it from other people  especially the ones i see the most of   so i asked some good  friends what there  very  first impressions were of me when we first met.  and what they think of me no.  They have all said that i was not very confident, shy,lovely,sweet found it  a but hard to look them in their eyes, could not relax  in my own space but always with a smile on my face.

They also told me i am now a lot more confident , brave for getting up and going out to meet new people.  i am becoming more comfortable in my own space and  i have enthusiastic energy  and the one thing that never changes is that i am always smiling  just need to work on my self talk and how i see myself luckily i have a great teacher who help me find the person behind my insecurities and see amazing results

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


There are three types of dreamers

the ones who think about their dreams

the ones who want it to happen

whiles others make their dreams come true

i used to be in the first group i think about a dream but would not do anything about it why simply because of FEAR and also because i had no idea how i could make the dream come true

after attending a vision board workshop earlier in the year  i made the decision to write   a book though i made the decision fear was still stopping from me    what was  afraid of , what is the worst that  could happen nothing at all  i was the one responsible for not allowing myself to achieve my  dream

what are the main reasons for people from achieving their dreams

time,age,fear ,money, themselves and people who surround them it can take just one person to say something negative about their dream which results the dream coming true

i  have finally  i am in the last group as i finally got a date in the diary with my publishers for  2015 to get to ball rolling and my dream to get my first  book published is set come true

don’t let fear stop you from achieving your dreams go out there and make your dreams come true

Sending You Sunshine And  Smiles x

People you are meant to meet

I have been very lucky to have had met some wonderful people this year , I  have instantly clicked with them and get on so well with them. Sometmes before  i have even spoken to them i know straight away that we all be friends their prescence lights up the room and they just have to smile and i know i am meant to meet them. There are people out there for everyone who you are meant to meet they often appear at the right time. I have to admit i have got people wrong and they have turned out not be who i thought they were but in fact made me stronger as result. There are three types of people  the first lot of people are there are reason, the second lot of people are only around for a certain amount and there are some people who are incredible special and that they are here for a lifetime. I have a group of people who fall into the category here for a reason and here for a lifetime  i would not be the person i am today if it was not for them i am will externally grateful to them x

Sending You Sunshine And Smiles x


I love listening to music i have  it on  all the time from when i am driving in my  car to when i  am writing  , When i listen to the words of the music as they often have a hidden meaning, i often listen to songs more than once especially if i find it motivating, inspirational or if it tells a story and i  have found a lot of songs that i can relate to.   Because i listen to music all the time i can often hear music in my mind when i have not got music playing

If i am having a odd strange day when i don’t quite feel like myself i  put some music on and it instantly makes me feel better and makes me smile

Some songs that i  will be listening   will touch my heart and will move me that is a rare gift for some singers to have  ,i recently went to see  a singer at The Royal Albert Hall  which was an amazing evening i spent the entire show in tears from the moment she started to sing till her very last note of her final song because the way  she sang  and you could tell she meant every word and was passionate about her singing  touched me and it was almost like she was just singing to me  . I admire the  talent of song writers they can turn a song in a beautiful peace of music

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

Let Me Tell You More About My Book


hope you all have a good day

My first book is going to be titled The Angel Who Grew Her Wings

It is my personal story of how i have changed and transformed since April when i first my mentor i have changed a lot since a  became a beauty  consultant especially as  i get to be surrounded by positive, inspirational  women and  i had the opportunity to meet brilliant women who not only will help me in my self development but also to help my business grow.

I am learning and growing every single day and i am stronger and better person to be with people who bring out the best in me is just what i needed

I don’t think i would have thought about writing the book if it had not been for my mentor giving me  a notebook to record all my thoughts and feelings  and she wrote in the front of the book that my thoughts and feelings will one day appear in my  very own published book and has said she cant wait to read it. I began writing the book  a while ago just never did anything about it getting it published as i never thought it would happen  so i made the decision only recently to  make a date with the publishers because if i don’t do it now there won’t be a book

My purpose of this book is to  show that dreams can come true  if you find the confidence to do it because the world is full of possibilities and that they can achieve anything they want to and i wanted to share my story with everyone  and i had a dream and i had written it down that one day i am going to  share my words to people on  a stage

though the book is not yet published today i got some inspiration for book number 2

Sending You Sunshine And Smiles xx

making things happen

as  you know i am writing a book so i decided that if i am going to write a book i will need help getting it published i had chosen the publishing company a while ago so before i could change my mind or start talking myself out of  it i emailed them asking for an appt  next year i am seeing them in early feb

another thing i got booked into the diary was a boudoir shoot in the same area where the shoot would be taking place is a feel good coach who i am seeing before the photoshoot to give me a confidence boost before i do the photoshoot which is now booked in for march

i know it not till next year but i once i decide to do something i don’t change my mind and i decide that if i don’t book it now or make that appointment it will never happen and i would end up talking myself out of it

and this afternoon i was talking to my mentor and our mentoring keep being delayed so whilst talking to me she realised that we just have to start and get going so we will be starting really soon which i am really pleased

when things happen that you can’t explain


have you ever had things happen to you life that you can’t explain how it happened it happened out of nowhere  like MAGIC.

About 2 weeks ago i recruited my first team member i don’t know how it happened i just went out there and encouraged her to join that day felt like a blur and that it felt a dream because it happened so quickly it did not seem real i had to ring my director to ask her if i had really got my first team  member and was i really a senior consultant  because i thought i had dreamed it. Things  like this don’t often happen to someone like me  as  i don’t believe in myself enough which is why i making myself do things that i have not done before  like going out and meeting new people, going to business conferences , doing christmas fayres

i believe that things happen because they are meant to and they happen at the right time and sometimes when you least expect it

Writing the book


tonight i began typing up my first book which i am hoping to be the first of many.  I will be meeting a publisher beginning of march to get help with editing proof reading etc so i decided that at some point i would have to start typing it up otherwise i would keep delaying. My dream for the book began in April . I am planning on giving some friends exclusive preview of the book at christmas . I have asked someone to design the cover for me and i have got a title of the book and the dedications done  i am going to enjoy doing getting the book and i look forward to seeing the finished article . parts of the book will be typed for the blogs that i will be doing for the blogging team that i have recently joined.  and you may see exclusive parts of the book during my 30 days blog challenge