New Year

With 2015 just around the corner i have decided 2015 is going to be my best year as i have had a few not so good years

My to do list for 2015

1. Getting my first book Published

2.  Getting a second job

3. to continue writing blogs for myself and writing guest blogs

4   to keep an eye out for new opportunities i have a feeling there will be plenty this year

5. continue to learn and grow

6. enjoy new experiences

7. carry on with my self development

8.write more books

9. do things that i love to do

hope you all have a brilliant 2015

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x




i love sitting down and watching a good film  whilst snuggled up on the sofa especially when it is cold outside

i love most films from comedy to musicals to chick flicks , Chirstmas movies to tv box sets  to period dramas. The only films that i don’t want to watch are horror films, sci films and violent film

I have a film lists  of the top ten films ls that  can watch again and again

my top ten films

1. The Sound Of Music

2.The Wizard of Oz

3 .Frozen

4. Les Miserables

5.Mamma Mia

6. The Phantom Of The Opera

7. Billy Elliot

8. Annie

9. Miracle on 34th Street

10. The Snowman

this changes all the time only the sound of music and the wizard of oz always remain at the top of the list

i love watching christmas films they make me feel festive

Have a lovely Christmas

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles


I used to think that being Happy was just about being  happy with myself

when i think about it loads of things can  make me feel happy from simple things like a text from a friend, someone smiling at me , receiving a card from someone and not expecting it a lovely email from someone i know., little random acts of kindness, my favourite songs playing, spending quiet time sitting and writing ,playing with my little doggy. seeing a beautiful flower in the garden or seeing a white feather also known as  an angel feather appear on me or in front of me from nowhere. knowing that there is angels near me all the time looking after me. seeing a friend after a long time and nothing has changed we just carry on  like we saw each other yesterday, hearing how well people are doing in their business and hearing about their achievements. watching the sky at sunset, looking up at the stars, being out in nature and thinking how magical it looks. Eating  a slice of cake without feeling guilty, singing in the car i could go on forever about all the little things that make me happy  x

Doing  random acts of kindness to my  friends always make me happy from just writing them a card just to say hello, or seeing something in a shop that i know they would like and buying it for them, letting them know how much they mean to me, calling them to say hello because  it could  change their day, maybe treat them to coffee for being a friend little things that make me smile and feel happy as its makes them smile and feel happy

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

looking forward to Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching this year has gone by so quickly

as soon as its get to the first of december i start to get excited about  Christmas, whenever i see anything to do with Christmas before December i want to scream as christmas stuff should be in the  shops in December and not before  i have a blackboard which is my christmas countdown  till christmas day its the first decoration that comes out first.  I love giving presents to friends and family as i  have enjoyed buying things for them, i love listening to Christmas music spending time with family and friends. The last few years i stopped enjoying christmas as i was battling was eating disorders only  in the summer this year i finally recovered so this year i am going to enjoy christmas and have a good time without feeling guilty .

This is going to be my best Christmas ever

i hope you  all have a fantastic Christmas

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles



i love dreaming when i go to bed i look forward to seeing what i dream. My dreams  vary from flying through the sky, climbing a bridge, i dream of friends and family   dreaming of work . I also get very  odd dreams. Sometimes i do have nightmares liked i am being attacked by an animal or person , being kidnapped  being chased,dreams of spiders which i am scared of i have to wake myself up as they are so vivd that i think they are true and really happening then i turn the light on especially if i am dreaming on spiders as i think they are in my bed.

My mind has  a very overactive imagination and stories which turn themselves into dreams or sometimes i dreams of scenarios that have appeared on tv or conversations with people

I  have never dreamed the same dream  i have different dreams every night

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles


I love the winter because  everything looks magical outside and i also  Ilove the winter because i love snuggling upside  in warm and cosy  clothes with a cup  of hot chocolate and  sitting by the lovely warm fire

The only downside to winter is that i  am not too keen on the cold  but for as long as I can remember i have always been drawn to the winter season which i recently learnt that if you are drawn to winter you are the  sort of the person who wants to hide from the world and not be seen and if you are drawn to the summer you want to be out in the world and be seen so i can see why i am always drawn to winter

i have to venture out in the cold as i like being out in nature and i have to go out and walk the dog  i  just don’t like being cold  i have to wear loads of layers as i feel the cold very easily i would much rather be inside the warm

Everything looks like a winter wonderland when it is crisp and frosty which looks so beautiful and enchanting, the frost looks like diamonds glittering

sending you sunshine and smiles x


Most mornings i wake up feeling worried a little sad and sometimes anxious can’t explain why there will be a reason why i wake up feeling like this
the last few days i have writing an affirmation every day i take the first 3 words that describe how i am feeling that morning, then find the opposite of those words then create an affirmation to say several times a day i also have an affirmation that someone wrote for me to say every day
Affirmations are making a difference to how i feel throughout the day they help to lift my spirits so i feel so much better and happier by the end of the end of the day
I never realised by saying affirmations would help me feel different the words have a powerful effect and change the whole day
when i first read them i don’t notice a difference but after reading them more than once i begin to feel lighter ,less anxious and worried and happier which makes my day so much brighter

when i writing affirmations i don’t include any negative words  only positive words so that i feel positive saying the words because if i was saying negative words the affirmation would not work and i would feel worse than i did before i only write about 3 lines at the moment i am sure as i continue to say an affirmations every day that i will start to make them longer

i keep copies of my main affirmation by my bed, by my computer  and on in my car  and in my handbag so it is always handy to grab whenever i feel it is necessary to read them

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


i find it comforting to know that i have angels watching over me i have always believed in them since i was a little girl never saw them as my guardian anger until recently
when i am feeling anxious worried or stressed i get a feeling an angel is close by, every now and then a small white feather appears in front of me. They are my guardian angels i feel safe knowing they are around
i recently started using angel cards and its amazing what cards i have picked out from the deck its like i have an angel that lives inside of me guiding me to choose the right card it is magical they guide me to the right for that moment in time i choose a card from the deck 3 times a day and i never choose the same card but every card is perfect for how i am feeling or thinking at that time I believe in the power of magic i don’t know how the mind works it a powerful things and it can make a world a difference to you but all i know that it is just does work it is amazing
i am changing my thought process as it used to be very negative now it is becoming a lot more positive
as i am writing this there is an angel close by

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

Ever Feel Like You are Someone Else

Do you ever feel like you are someone else and you do not feel like yourself and feel a bit lost

I know exactly how you are feeling and what its like to feel like you have lost your real identity and not sure who you are anymore. The real you is there within you it is just hidden within you, trying to come out so that everyone can see what an amazing woman you are we have put up barriers that we hide behind which hides the real you . people sometimes expect you to act a certain way which will confuse us and it makes us become someone we are not which just makes us feel rubbish and unsure of who we are. just Imagine yourself standing on a crossroads and you feel like you can’t move because you are unsure of how you should act, or who you should be take a deep breath a take a step forward remember there is only one of you and no one else is like you you are a unique amazing individual and if you were like everyone else the world would be a boring place if everyone was the same. On the outside people think you are a confident women as you go about your daily life as normal as you always have a smile on your face as you don’t want people to know that anything is wrong though on the inside it is a very different story even when you feel rubbish and lacking in confidence just keep on smiling it confuses people as they will think you are alright I found smiling can make you instantly make you feel happier and better and make your day feel brighter.
We all have wings and are beautiful and are all amazing individuals lets not forget that
Sending You Sunshine and Smiles to brighten your day x