The Angel Who Grew Her Wings has been published

Hello Everyone

i have some  exciting news for you all  after what has seemed like forever i am so  pleased to announce that I am now a published author of  my very  first book called  The Angel Who Grew Her Wings  which is now available to download and buy  on amazon kindle

The Angel Who Grew Her Wings  is all  about my journey from battling with eating disorders mainly bulimia and how i was able to recover from bulimia  and it also the story of how i found  and grew my wings  through a journey of  self discovery and through  a journey of my change and transformation  which i could not have done if it was not for some amazing people that  i know who believed and supported me every step of the way i can’t thank them all enough

i am so proud of my book  and so  proud of myself and even now  i still  can’t quite believe  as i was able to write it  i cant remember  writing half of it  my pen  did most of the work for me . As writing about bulimia  is  a hard and painful  subject to write about and  on some days i found it a lot  harder to write than other day so i kept stopping and starting but   i  just kept  on going and i was determined  to finish the book  because  if i can help at least one person overcome an eating disorder from reading my  book then   i  will be very  happy

it crazy to think  that all the notes i had made in  so many notebooks have now  made  their way into my first book, seeing my book for sale on  amazon is amazing i dream for a longed time i would have a book published  and now that dream has come trueI have  received great  and positive feedback from people who have read my book which i am so pleased about  and they  have really enjoyed reading  it.  I  found that  writing the book   has really helped me and for me to be able let go of the pain. i was nervous at first about people knowing  especially family and friends that i had bulimia but i am so proud of what i have achieved and proud that i have overcome my eating disorder  that i don’t mind at all that people are going to find out

I am excited  to see where writing a book will take me  i even had a dream where a tv series had been made as a result of being writing a book you never whats round the corner but thing do happen for a reason

this is my first book  and i am planning on writing many more book  i have so many  different  ideas running round and round  through my head including a sequel to the angel who grew her wings and   i   have an idea for a fiction book as well

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


the angel who grew her wings ready to take flight

Excting news my first book the angel who grew her wings which is about my battles with bulimia and how I recovered and how I have changed and transformed as a result is about to be published and uploaded onto amazon kindle I am just waiting to hear when it has gone live

If I can help at least one person overcome an eating disorder then I will be happy

It is my story of how I grew my wings after overcoming my eating disorder and with the help of some amazing people I am transforming into a butterfly

We are all have wings and are all beautiful sometimes we forget just like the butterfly

Sending you sunshine and smiles xx