Something is holding me back

During my mentoring sessions i have learn that something is holding me back from  discovering the real me , some of the real has come out from doing the sessions but we still need to dig deeper discover what is holding me back and stopping me, My heart knows though won’t let me say it out loud until then i am going to be working so hard with my mentor to find out what it is. It is not going to be plain sailing but i am determined to break down all my barriers and be free like the butterfly

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


What i learnt from 2014


looking back through 2014 the first half was not so good, the second half got better. From 2014

i learnt that


i was set challenges and  could have said no  instead i went out there and completed the challenges and in turn increased my confidence


i realised that if i don’t get a date in the diary with a publisher  soon it is not going to happen so  that is exactly what i did and now on the 3rd of feb i am meeting up with my publisher to get the ball rolling with my first book being published


i realised that i often compare myself to other people  so this year i am going to focus on me as there is only one of me

and i also learnt TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF MORE

I am looking forward to learning more in 2015

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


Hi everyone

don’t get me wrong i love my family but  sometimes i wish i could get my own place because they drive me crazy  I have my own space in the house but my mum keep invading my privacy and coming in whenever she wants and starts looking at my stuff and moves things round which really annoys me and nags me all the time   i am very stubborn and do things in own time so if  nags me to do something i will do it just not straight away  she knows what i am like yet she still nags it drives me round the bend i get very irritable and short tempered with her  .  and if i am working she comes in and looks over my shoulder seeing what i am up to or looks at my email if they on the screen which annoys me i just want to be left in peace

My sister are not at all close we are so different  she tries to control me when i first become a beauty consultant she tried everything she could to get me to quit it caused huge arguments, everything i do is never right  for her she thinks every decision i make is wrong,

I wish i could choose my family like i choose my friends

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles

Christmas is now over

Hello Everyone

Christmas is now officially over christmas tree is down is down decorations  have been taken down and everything is now back in the garage for another year now 2015 can really begin

2015 has been good already and we are only a few days in which makes  a change from previous years i hope this year does not by so quickly i have no idea what happened to 2014 it seemed to come then end very fast

I am mainly going to be working on myself this year instead of comparing myself to others as well as doing exciting things can’t wait to tell you all about them and i am going to make myself financially  secure as i don’t earn a great deal at the moment with exciting things in the pipeline  it should help me earn more money and more i become myself  the more it will reflect in my work

i have the most amazing sign that 2015 is going to be my best year ever  at midnight   an angel feather appeared on me

i wish you all an amazing 2015 and i wish for your dream to come true

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles

my friends


I am very  lucky to know some amazing friends and have to have been lucky to meet many inspirational women. I have friends for different reasons some of them i don’t see all the time but it is always lovely when we meet up again we carry on like the last time we met up, some people help me in business and also help with my self development. Then are those who are so special that you can’t imagine your life without them they will be my friends for a lifetime . There is one person i met a few years ago who my best friend jane as soon as we met we got on straight away . We think alike which is why we get along so well , she is amazing, and very special to me. She recently moved away but we are still in touch and our friendship has not changed  at all , she make me happy,  she always makes me smile i only have to think if her and i smile,  she is always  there for me through both  the good times and the bad  and is great for advice I am very lucky to know her i can’t imagine my life without her  we met a ballet class and got talking at the barre  she just smiled when i first arrived and i knew straight away we would be friends

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles

The Butterfly

Hello Everyone Happy 2015 i wish you all a great year
my name is Libby, i work as a beauty consultant, work alongside a motivational, i write blogs for myself and for other people i am also a writer and have my first book being published this year which is called The Angel Who Grew Her Wings which is my personal story of my change and transformation which transforms me from the cocoon to the butterfly i decided to write the story because i wanted help people realise that they can make their dreams come true if their find their confidence and if they believe in their themselves and i have changed so much since april 2014. To give you an idea of what i was like before i changed, i was shy, lacked confidence, low self esteem and self belief and low self worth and battled for many years with eating disorders. that was then i am now a lot more confident, more self esteem, starting to believe in myself a lot more finally recovered from my eating disorders if you want know you will have to read the book. I love butterflies as not only are they beautiful and my good luck charm they are also symbolise change and they go on a transformational journey from being a caterpillar then the cocoon and finally transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies don’t realise how beautiful they are and can’t see their wings we are the same as the butterfly we forget that we have wings and are beautiful we must not forget that.
Sending you Sunshine and Smiles x

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year  can’t believe we are in 2015 i don’t know where the year has gone it has flown by so quickly

i am going to go on  adventures this year and make 2015 my best ever year

i am doing the pay it forward initiative this year so friends will be receiving something in the post when they least expect it i love doing random acts of kindness

Now that i am discovering who i really am i know that it will help me be the best that i can be

i constantly compare myself to other so i have decided to make one of my   news years resolution to stop comparing myself  to other people as there is only one of me and i don’t need to be like anyone else

my other new years resolutions are

to love myself and accept myself for who i am

to stop self doubting myself

to feel comfortable in my own skin

to make my dreams come true

have a magical 2015 and i wish for your dreams to come true

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

New Year

With 2015 just around the corner i have decided 2015 is going to be my best year as i have had a few not so good years

My to do list for 2015

1. Getting my first book Published

2.  Getting a second job

3. to continue writing blogs for myself and writing guest blogs

4   to keep an eye out for new opportunities i have a feeling there will be plenty this year

5. continue to learn and grow

6. enjoy new experiences

7. carry on with my self development

8.write more books

9. do things that i love to do

hope you all have a brilliant 2015

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x



i love sitting down and watching a good film  whilst snuggled up on the sofa especially when it is cold outside

i love most films from comedy to musicals to chick flicks , Chirstmas movies to tv box sets  to period dramas. The only films that i don’t want to watch are horror films, sci films and violent film

I have a film lists  of the top ten films ls that  can watch again and again

my top ten films

1. The Sound Of Music

2.The Wizard of Oz

3 .Frozen

4. Les Miserables

5.Mamma Mia

6. The Phantom Of The Opera

7. Billy Elliot

8. Annie

9. Miracle on 34th Street

10. The Snowman

this changes all the time only the sound of music and the wizard of oz always remain at the top of the list

i love watching christmas films they make me feel festive

Have a lovely Christmas

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles