awareness and gratitude

Life seems to pass by us so quickly and we are all so busy in our everyday lives that we sometimes forget to stop for a moment and take a look around to see what is going on all around us. I want to talk to you today about awareness and gratitude because from having various conversations with my friends i realised that i was not very aware of things so i decided to set myself a challenge for 30 days i would email a friend every day telling her what i was aware of. When i first started doing the challenge i was not sure if i would find things to be aware of. It made me think somedays it was little things like i was aware that a butterfly flew past me, that my favourite word is flutterbye. The challenge made me stop and think and it made me aware of things like i was not a great sleeper, i fidget a lot, i can’t sit still for a long, i drink far too much caffeine, i don’t drink enough water during the day i could go on the list is endless as there are so many things to be aware of so much so that i write of journal of everything that i am aware on a daily basis. I have discovered that gratitude and awareness go side by side as you will find that you are aware for being grateful for something like being grateful for hearing the birds sing or even that you are grateful for your imagination or that you are grateful for having great friends. It is days when things are not going the way it should that you should stop what you are doing and think about what you are either aware of or what you are grateful as it will change a day that is not going well into a better and a positive day for you.

Sending You Sunshine And Smiles xx

The Angel Who Grew Her Wings has been published

Hello Everyone

i have some  exciting news for you all  after what has seemed like forever i am so  pleased to announce that I am now a published author of  my very  first book called  The Angel Who Grew Her Wings  which is now available to download and buy  on amazon kindle

The Angel Who Grew Her Wings  is all  about my journey from battling with eating disorders mainly bulimia and how i was able to recover from bulimia  and it also the story of how i found  and grew my wings  through a journey of  self discovery and through  a journey of my change and transformation  which i could not have done if it was not for some amazing people that  i know who believed and supported me every step of the way i can’t thank them all enough

i am so proud of my book  and so  proud of myself and even now  i still  can’t quite believe  as i was able to write it  i cant remember  writing half of it  my pen  did most of the work for me . As writing about bulimia  is  a hard and painful  subject to write about and  on some days i found it a lot  harder to write than other day so i kept stopping and starting but   i  just kept  on going and i was determined  to finish the book  because  if i can help at least one person overcome an eating disorder from reading my  book then   i  will be very  happy

it crazy to think  that all the notes i had made in  so many notebooks have now  made  their way into my first book, seeing my book for sale on  amazon is amazing i dream for a longed time i would have a book published  and now that dream has come trueI have  received great  and positive feedback from people who have read my book which i am so pleased about  and they  have really enjoyed reading  it.  I  found that  writing the book   has really helped me and for me to be able let go of the pain. i was nervous at first about people knowing  especially family and friends that i had bulimia but i am so proud of what i have achieved and proud that i have overcome my eating disorder  that i don’t mind at all that people are going to find out

I am excited  to see where writing a book will take me  i even had a dream where a tv series had been made as a result of being writing a book you never whats round the corner but thing do happen for a reason

this is my first book  and i am planning on writing many more book  i have so many  different  ideas running round and round  through my head including a sequel to the angel who grew her wings and   i   have an idea for a fiction book as well

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

the angel who grew her wings ready to take flight

Excting news my first book the angel who grew her wings which is about my battles with bulimia and how I recovered and how I have changed and transformed as a result is about to be published and uploaded onto amazon kindle I am just waiting to hear when it has gone live

If I can help at least one person overcome an eating disorder then I will be happy

It is my story of how I grew my wings after overcoming my eating disorder and with the help of some amazing people I am transforming into a butterfly

We are all have wings and are all beautiful sometimes we forget just like the butterfly

Sending you sunshine and smiles xx

deciding how i feel

I used to rely so much on other people to decide how i felt because i thought i needed them to make me feel better when i was feeling down which only worked for a short time as even though i would feel better i would soon fell down again

working with my mentor has made me to see that i can’t keep relying on other people to make me feel good i have to do it for myself

Now when i wake up in the morning before i do my 10 minutes of mediation i tell myself that i ma going to be happy today and the rest of the day i do feel happy and when i start to feel low i say to myself i feel happy or happy happy happy and instantly i feel happy again

Words are powerful and change how you feel instantly

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


Hello Everyone

i am back i have been away writing and completing my book its now and done and in the hands of publishers meeting up with my publisher on tuesday who will be working her magic no it and turning it into a great book, i am sure i will have to make a few corrections to make on it. I also a preview of the book cover which my artist friend is designing for me and its looks great

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles

A Butterfly Story

One day a butterfly was sitting on a branch next to a little girl seeing the butterfly looking sad the little girl asked the butterfly why she was sad, the butterfly replied because i can’t see my wings i can see them said the little girl and they are beautiful and so are you. Thankyou said the butterfly sometimes i forget because i can’t see them. I wish i had wings said the little girl and i am not beautiful, The butterfly was puzzled don’t you look in a mirror yes said the little girl then you will know you are beautiful, you are and may not be able to see your wings but you do have them. Butterflies can’t see their wings and they can’t see how truly Beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well . Always Remember You Are Beautiful and that You Have Wings lets not forget that x

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles xx

a power of a touch

The power of a touch is amazing you can feel instantly better after a hug, your mood is lifted and you feel better in yourself. I never realised how powerful a simple touch can make until this weekend. I had tears flowing during the day i was not sad no one had upset i was ok , there is something that i have not let go of which is causing the tears not found out what it is yet someone simply placed their hand on my back as we were talking as if my magic the tears stopped how amazing is that i told this person your hands are healing you stopped me crying thanks i am fascinated by things like this i don’t know how it works but it does. Never Underestimate the Power of a touch x

Sending you Sunshine and Smiles x

free as a bird

I am looking forward to the day when i am released from my cage where i am currently a prisoner trying to escape which  is currently underneath water and i am drowning .  I am working hard with my mentor  i can see the surface and we are trying to get me out of the cage and get me on top of an iceberg  so i am out of the water, then we are going to find my wings fix them then i will be able to fly like a butterfly and be free as a bird

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x

overactive mind

my mind has a very overactive imagination and is constantly thinking , and stores so much  i am surprised my brain has not exploded yet it does explain why i don’t always sleep well because i constantly have thoughts running around in my head

at the end of a 2 hour mentoring session my mentor asked me  what we had talked about at the beginning of the session because  i have so much going on in the mind all the time i had completely forgotten   When my mentor asks me a question she can see my mind working overtime and when i get the words either the words have nothing to do whats so ever  to do with the question asked which in a way is good as i am not second guessing myself  or i end up saying something that i think my mentor wants me to say.

I have to get my thoughts down on paper so my mind is not full  still have a words and thoughts and feelings there  some are stuck and won’t come out i will reach them one day thats what my mentor is helping me with we are peeling back my layers it is not going to be plain sailing and it maybe be painful but it will be worth it